WANTED: Renaissance Vendors

Do you sell period merchandise? Do you travel the renaissance fair circuit as a vendor? Do you want to make more sales online? If so, Ye Old Renaissance Shop can help.

What Products Do You Accept?

We are currently marketing for period merchandise vendors who sell:

  • Authentic pirate/peasant clothing (skirts, shirts and pants)
  • Noble/royal clothing (coats, vests and gowns)
  • Knight’s armor (metal and leather)
  • Robes, capes and cloaks
  • Medieval leather products (bracers, belts, pouches, etc.)
  • Renaissance jewelry, masks, hats and other medieval accessories
  • Other renaissance clothing or gear

If you manufacture or distribute any of these items at wholesale, you are welcome to contact us. You may submit a PDF or a link to your electronic catalog, send us your promotional material or mail (non-returning) product samples to us at:

Ye Old Renaissance Shop
3824 Sandlewood Dr
Okemos, MI 48864

What Will You NOT Accept?

At this time, we are NOT accepting:

  • Medieval games or toys,
  • Costumes or clothing that do not fit with the renaissance era.

What Does It Cost to Join?

For a low $150 setup fee, our marketing program can be joined for FREE (if your products are approved.) There are requirements, however. To have your renaissance merchandise displayed and marketed on the Ye Old Renaissance Shop site, you must:

  • dropship directly to the customer when we forward an order and submit payment (white-label is best)
  • accept secure payments via PayPal
  • maintain an inventory of your products or offer a quick response time in fulfilling orders (the goal is 1-2 days between receiving the order from us and getting it in the mail)
  • answer your email and phones when we contact you with an order or product question
  • offer products you produce over and over (our online shop is not the place for custom, one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-seen-again products)
  • notify us of deletions and additions to your product line so we may update our site accordingly

What’s In It For Me?

It’s simple. You have renaissance merchandise to sell and you want to sell more online. Selling your wares at Ye Old Renaissance Shop extends your reach nationally and globally. We offer you:

  • a fully-stocked website (which draws more web traffic and converts better than sites with fewer products,)
  • powerful ecommerce shopping cart software (which we manage, taking the burden of maintaining a sophisticated website and shopping cart software off your shoulders,)
  • online marketing through our established social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.),
  • SEO, email marketing and other advertising campaigns (which drive traffic to our site and your products,) and
  • great customer service on the front end. (Since you handle the order fulfillment, we can focus on marketing your products and maintaining good relations with the customers.)

Interested? Contact us today!