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The Evolution of Medieval Gauntlets

Gauntlets are pieces of armor that protect the hands and wrists. The word “gauntlet” is derived from the ancient French word, “gant,” meaning glove. Medieval gauntlets were the most sophisticated parts of the full plate of metal armor that evolved by the late medieval time period in the 15th and 16th centuries. By this time, […]


Games of the Renaissance: Pastimes of the Courtly Classes

During Renaissance times, it was the courtly class who had time and circumstance on their hands to enjoy a life away from working in the fields or doing other types of menial labor to meet the demands of everyday life. Royalty developed a number of ways to entertain themselves. Dancing, sports and other games of […]

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Renaissance Games and Entertainment: Not Just for the Aristocrats

Many Renaissance games and entertainment, because of their timeless appeal, have remained similar to those of today. Children played with spinning tops. They made up games using balls, following their own whims or rules they made up to suit their group of players. They played hide-and-seek, blind-man’s buff, and wrestled according to their size and […]