Jolly Roger

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A true swashbucklers boot fit for wearing under the skull and crossbones! Made of the finest quality cow leather, the Jolly Roger is the best-fitting of our tall boots. You will be quite amazed at just how comfortable they are to wear, unlike some other lesser-quality men’s boots with heels!

First quality cow leather with a sewn in gusset up the back that allows for a leg up to 3″ larger in the calf and 4″ larger at the top than our standard boot. Lacing will tighten against the normal leg or loosen to accommodate the larger leg. The Jolly Roger features our one piece comfort sole/heel. It is an oil resistant rubber composition that offers a softer walk for the wearer than previously offered heels, while coupling this with long wear, also.

In order to account for any shrinking that may occur, items made of 100% cotton are made larger than sizes listed in sizing chart.

All items from this particular vendor are custom order and not eligible for return or refund.

SHIPS IN TWO DAYS!*renaissance clothing

(* Unless we’re attacked by Orc armies, sea beasts, or an unchivalrous lot o’ pirates. Then, it may take three days.)


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