Welcome to Ye Old Renaissance Shop

Whether you are a princess, pirate, wench or rogue if you’re looking for the highest quality, grandest and most authentic renaissance outfits, medieval clothing and period fantasy garb, you’ve made it to the right place.

Both sharp tongues and sharp swords will feel at home here. Our renaissance store offers eye-popping wench wear and enough armor to ready a Knights Templar for the next Crusade. Aye, even the wee scoundrels of the house are covered, so they can look the part for their misdeeds as well!

Our categories of renaissance finery include women’s, men’s and children’s medieval clothing; hats, belts, and other medieval accessories; hooded capes, jewelry and crowns (who doesn’t need a crown?); and armor, of course.

It’s our goal to transport you to another (and we’d argue, finer,) time and place. A time of swashbuckling adventure, raunchy debauchery, glamor, magic, honor and song.

You’ll find we understand your needs, because we’re cut from the same cloth! The Renaissance and Medieval times represent something special and we look to carry that feeling into all we do here at Ye Old Renaissance Shop!

P.S.- Be sure to invite your whole family and friends too. We aim our arrows to please. Try us and you’ll be back, we’re sure.

A big, heart felt thank you in advance!

Jonathan and team,
Ye Old Renaissance Shop