Epic Dark Barbuta Helmet


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If you’re a warrior who seeks protection before looks, then perhaps this Epic Dark Barbuta Helmet is just what you’re looking for. Modeled after the Italian barbute helmets of the Middle Ages, this helm is rather simple, yet strikingly effective. It was the Italians who first crafted the barbuta, but it would go on to become a common helmet of the time, thanks to the impressive level of protection that it offered. Barbuta helmets are rarely complex, and this one is no different in that regard, as it features a simple shape that echoes the design of classic Greek helmets of antiquity. The helmet consists of full-metal protection for the head, including a subtle, small ridge along the top of the helm, more for added protection against impact then for decoration. This barbuta has a Y-shaped opening at the front of the helmet that leaves the wearer’s face open, allowing for clear vision and easy communication. In spite of its simple shape and simple design, though, the barbuta is highly protective. This helmet is crafted entirely from steel and has a dark metal finish that gives the helmet an aged, textured look, which only makes it look more like a historic artifact. The dark metal finish also has additional benefits, as it offers a level of rust protection, as well as a resistance to impacts and scratching. The interior of the helmet features a liner, both for comfort and for small adjustments to size. It is a full-size replica helmet that is fully wearable, and when worn, it will stand up rather well to the rigors and impacts experienced during the course of LARP combat and light reenactment. It is available in two sizes, either medium or large. Appearances aren’t everything, and what this Epic Dark Barbuta Helmet lacks in ornate designs or showy detailing, it more than makes up for with its historic look and its impressive level of protection. And that’s a trade that any good warrior would gladly make, any day of the week.

Key Features:
Dark Metal Finish
A Traditional Italian Barbute Helmet
Features a Y-Shaped Facial Opening
Helmet Has a Liner
Offers a Great Level of Protection

Medium: Fits a 23 to 26 inch head circumference
Large: Fits a 24 to 28 inch head circumference


Medium, Large