Crusader Helmet – Steel


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The typical great helm was exceedingly protective, but also had a few drawbacks to it, as well. This Crusader Helmet – Steel is an attempt to circumvent those drawbacks, featuring some classic elements of the great helmet with a few key revisions. Like the classic great helmet of old, this helm has a rounded crown and a flat top, which provides more than adequate protection when it comes to protecting the head and deflecting blows away from the face. Unlike the classic great helm, though, this helmet does not cover the whole head, but rather, covers the top of the head, and the front of the face. This helps cut down on the weight of the helmet, while also making it much cooler to wear. The front of the helmet features a full steel mask with rectangular eyelets and small air hole cut-outs. The mask wraps around the front and sides of the face, but ends short of wrapping all the way around the head, leaving the back exposed. The helmet features an internal liner, both for comfort and for slight adjustment of size. The helmet is crafted from quality steel and also features a shiny metal finish, which gleams in the light and is perfect for creating that ‘knight in shining armour’ look that so many associate with a crusader or a typical medieval knight. It is a full-sized replica helmet that is fully wearable, and when worn, it stands up rather well to the rigors and impacts experienced during the course of LARP combat and light reenactment. It is available in two sizes, either medium or large. If you want the traditional look of the crusader or a knight, but in a helmet that’s a bit lighter and bit more comfortable to wear, then this Crusader Helmet – Steel is likely just the protection you’re looking for.

Medium: Fits a 23 to 26 inch head circumference
Large: Fits a 24 to 28 inch head circumference


Medium, Large