Berserker Steel Helmet


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Berserkers were fierce Norse warriors that were not scared of battle, they intimidated their enemies by wearing bear skins or wolf skins when they fought, and we believe an awesome looking helmet like this one would have paired nicely with their attire. This helmet is equally intimidating, it seems to be a cross between a spangenhelm and a crusader helmet with a little bit of fantasy styling thrown in. This helmet is available in a new type of Dark Metal finish, this gives the helmet a rugged, textured look, like it has been around for ages. The dark metal also protects against rust and is very durable. Our Berserker Steel Helmet is completely padded and lined on the inside, there is no need for an arming cap. This helmet also has a adjustable chin strap. The padding cosists of thick strips of foam, if you need to make the helmet bigger, you just take out some of the strips. If you need to make the helmet smaller, than simply add insert them in the leather liner. Very simple and extremely comfortable. This method gives you the perfect fit and prevents the helmet from sliding around. Available in Medium or Large.

Key Features:
Dark Metal finish
Wider eye openings for increased visability
Completely padded and lined
Has an adjustable leather chin strap

Medium: Fits 23 to 26 inch head circumferences, Length from Top to Bottom in the Front is 10.75 inches
Large: Fits 24 to 28 inch head circumferences, Length from Top to Bottom in the Front is 10.75 inches


Medium, Large