LARP Arrows – Round Tip


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For the LARP Archer, we are pleased to offer our LARP arrows. These arrows have a rounded foam tip making them safe for use in LARP. These arrows can be used on bows with maximum draw weight and draw length of 30# @ 28′. hey feature a high grade epoxy-glass resin shaft that is highly flexible, shatter proof and provides maximum accuracy. These durable and flexible shafts also come in handy after the battle is over, you’ll find when you go to retrieve your arrows that they will not be broken or snapped in half from getting stepped on by other players, but they will be in the same condition as when you shot them. Capable of shooting up to 150 feet. These arrows are sold individually so you do not have to buy a whole dozen if you don’t need it. Check with your local organizations for approval of use. Available with Black Fletching or Red Fletching.

Key Features:
A great affordable price
High safety, approved by the top organizations
A high grade epoxy-glass resin shaft
Use with bows 30# @ 28 Inches and under
A thick, safe foam tip
Made from durable closed celled foam that does not shred
Use our Maintenance Silicone to ensure long life a durability

Diameter of Tip: Approximately 2 inches
Arrow Length: Approximately 32.5 inches

SHIPS IN TWO DAYS!*renaissance clothing

(* Unless we’re attacked by Orc armies, sea beasts, or an unchivalrous lot o’ pirates. Then, it may take three days.)


Black, Red, Green, Blue