For an eerie touch to your head-hunter look, nothing compares to having a shrunken head or two dangling at your side! This Dark Elf Shrunken Head recreates the iconic look of this surreal little trophy while also echoing the features of a nefarious Drow! This way, not only can you have a shrunken head to hang at your waist, but you can also have one based on the race you most specifically want! The head features stringy hair bound into a braid for easy carrying, while its features are stitched shut and secured via a bone piercing to give it a more realistic and tribal look. The dark skin tone and pointy elf ears make it instantly recognizable as a Drow head. An added bonus is that this Dark Elf Shrunken Head also serves well as a prop for any voodoo witch doctor or dark ritualist to use while they are in-character too!

Key Features:
Based on the actual shrunken heads seen in history and media
Crafted entirely in foam latex
Features braided hair and bone piercings
Modeled after the appearance of the evil dark elf
A great voodoo prop, eerie decor piece, or costume trophy