How to Dress Renaissance

How to Make a Pirate Costume

how to dress like pirate, pirate costume ideas

So ye want to dress like a pirate, do ye? You’ve come to the right place. Sit down a spell, and we’ll get started. And don’t spill the rum!

Wench Costumes

Blimey! Here’s a costume idea for ye swashbuckler’s wenches. Start with a lace sleeved top, a long black skirt, and good pirate sash in a bold color like blood red. To complete your wench’s outfit, you’ll need a women’s pirate hat and pirate costume jewelry. Thar be many pirate hats, but ye may need to dress it up a bit to fit yer wench outfit. Maybe a little lace and silk ribbon will do. How about some skull and crossbones necklaces and earrings?

Wenches also have thee option of using medieval costumes and renaissance costumes and skirts. A renaissance bodice skirt or even a men’s poet shirt will have ye fitting right on in ye old Jolly Roger!

Pirate Costumes

Ye swabs want to know how to dress like a pirate, eh? I don’t think ye have what it takes to be a seaman, but we’ll see if ye can dress the part!

Be ye an impostor or the one and only cap’n of ye Black Pearl? If you want a Jack Sparrow costume then ye have to consider getting a hold of this booty:

You’ll need a white shirt and a good brown vest. Git yer grubby hands on some striped pants and a burgundy bandana. You’ll also need a waist sash along with a black belt with a gold buckle.

Ye think you’re finished? Ye need to finish yer Jack Sparrow outfit with a good wig and a pair of pirate boots.

All ye swashbucklers and buccaneers will now look the part, and we’ll see if ye have what it takes to earn yer sea legs.

And for thee final touch, you’ll need to take yer cutlass or scabbard and gouge out an eye. No need for it as ye apply yer eye patch. If you don’t have one laying around like I do, then black felt or construction paper will do ye well.

Now about that peg leg . . . .

Gypsy Costumes

Maybe ye want to be a traveler vagabond? Git yer hands on some fine gypsy clothing. They will do if ye want to look thee part of thee nomadic traveler. Maybe even a gypsy wig, a red bandana or sash? We seamen will do business with ye, but don’t be surprised if ye be robbed blind. Need an eye patch to go along with those pieces of eight?

X Marks the Spot!

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And if you’re looking for parrots, rum, or booty, you can move on! I’m not sharing mine!

Ye Old Renaissance Shop

How to Dress Renaissance

Your First Renaissance Fair?

If you’ve never been to a renaissance fair, then you’re in for a wonderful experience. You’ll notice right away that history comes alive and the experience is one that hits all the senses: the sights, sounds and smells, the feel of exquisitely crafted objects, and the overall love of history on display. You may also stand out if you are not dressed for the occasion. Reenactment is part and parcel of any renaissance fair, and it’s where you can shine creatively.

Putting together a renaissance fair costume may seem a little daunting at first, but if you do a little homework, you’ll do just fine. Take careful note of those costumes that catch your eye when you attend a renaissance fair. You’ll discover that there is a broad range of clothing and accessories that will fit any person’s style.

Remember that when you are dressing for a renaissance fair that you are dressing in character. You can research “Medieval” and “Renaissance” costumes on the Internet and at the library; you can discover different styles of dress and accessories. One thing to keep in mind is the type of renaissance fair you’ll be attending: some are set in different time periods with appropriate dress, while others may be more lax and allow deliberate “time travel” where costumes from many different eras are on display or fantasy elements such as elves or wizards are welcomed. Make sure to do your research before attending a renaissance fair in your area.

Maybe you’ll be a harp player or a jousting knight; maybe a dancer or pirate. Remember too when putting your costume together to allow for ample movement from within the costume: you may want to partake in axe-throwing or archery—it wouldn’t work well if you are in a costume that doesn’t quite fit.

Whether you choose to be a lord or lady, peasant, pirate, belly dancer or a fantasy character, you’re sure to find a costume for you at Ye Old Renaissance Shop.

We have coats and vests for pirates and captains; robes, cloaks and capes for princess, wizards, mages, and mysterious travelers. Check out our beautiful blouses and chemises, dresses and gowns, bodices and corsets. Whether you’re a princess or a peasant, you’ll find exactly what you need in our women’s renaissance clothing store.

Maybe you’re a squire looking for leather bracers: we have those, too. There are a wide variety of accessories to choose from including Celtic belts, pirate scarves, bandanas, and leather wrist cuffs.

We also carry a wide variety of colorful tabards and smocks to choose from whether you’re a Musketeer looking to play the part, or perhaps a knight looking for the perfect surcoat.

While some renaissance fairs strive for authenticity with educational aspects, most renaissance fairs favor entertainment. What’s likely is that you will get equal doses of both as you enjoy experiencing the fair and reenactment—and who doesn’t love a little bit of falconry or jousting? Maybe a little Drench-a-Wench or Soak-a-Bloke? There are plenty of attractions and performances to immerse yourself in.

Remember the most important thing: enjoy yourself and have fun!